Classic Drome

Very much the easiest of our walking holidays, we've put together a collection of half day walks combined with sightseeing and visits to learn more of the history, the heritage and the way of life of the region.

The Romans arrived in the Drome almost two thousand years ago, and the region has had its' fair share of change since then. Over the centuries the inhabitants led hard lives and were exposed to disease, conflict, drought, floods, famine. The way of life has changed markedly during the last hundred years, less lavender, fewer vines, depopulation and reforestation. The ruins of fortified chateaux from the middle ages still exist, together with ruined farm buildings from more recent times. Churches and other important buildings have survived from about the 11th century onwards.

We explore some of the ancient towns and villages in the Drome and find out about the changes that occurred through the centuries. We also learn about the current way of life, sample the local produce and visit village markets.

We don’t forget that this is a beautiful region for walking, with stunning mountains and beautiful alpine meadows. We explore some wonderful locations, using the minibus to do the climbs, and follow flat easy trails with rewarding views as well as wild flowers, butterflies and other wildlife.

June is a perfect time to visit, along the valley the sunflowers and lavender are in flower, and the long sunny evenings ensure alfresco dining.

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Dates (week commencing)

  • Saturday, 22nd June 2019

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Very Easy



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  • 5 easy half days guided walking of up to 3 hours per day.
  • 5 half days guided visits to sites of interest
  • Explore the villages and beautiful countryside.
  • Learn about the history, heritage and way of life.
  • Luxurious accommodation with private swimming pool.
  • Delicious home cooked cuisine, and a broad selection of superb local wines.