The Region

The Drome department, in southeast France, can be divided into several distinct areas, each with it's own character.

Lying between Provence to the south, and the Alps to the north, it's an area sometimes overlooked by British tourists. 

Compared to it's neighbours, the area is underdeveloped from a tourism point of view, which is a great plus, and long may it stay that way.

The Climate

The north of our region is alpine - alpine flowers, mountains and climate. There are winter ski stations within just forty minutes of our base in the valley.

An equal distance to the south it's mediterranean - baking summer heat and olive groves.

Our valley experiences both extremes - we get cold winters and hot summers, but also beautiful warm spring and autumn weather, with plenty of sunshine and gorgeous clear blue skies.

The Way of Life

Traditional farming methods are still firmly in evidence; the local winemakers use little or no pesticides, the region is a leader in organic production.

The roadsides are brimming with orchids and other wild flowers, there are fields of butterflies, it's like Britain from a bygone era.

The rural French way of life continues unchanged here; farming, viticulture, long lunches and boules. Everybody knows everbody, the gentle, honest people lead simple, long and happy lives.

Once you get a feel for the area we think you'll be hooked. The clean, crisp air, the beautiful Provencale sunlight and a relaxed way of life, all set against a magnificent backdrop of peaks, valleys, vines, sunflowers and lavender.